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Central Sod's signature blend, Durablend Tall Fescue, makes a beautiful lawn! Boasting the best all-around performance out of every grass that we've installed, Durablend Tall Fescue is the Most Popular turf in the Mid-Atlantic used in many residential and commercial projects.

Durablend offers great color, texture, and drought resistance. It is also a Shade tolerant sod. This Fescue sod is ideal for projects of all size, from townhouse backyards and poolscaping to curb appeal and parks. Central Sod's All-Purpose blend consists of highly researched, Maryland approved Fescue varities. Durablend Tall Fescue is Maryland State Certified. Cost to install sod generally ranges from $1.70 per sqft - $3.00. 

Zenith Zoysia

zoysia grass rolled in sod

Zenith Zoysia is a very strong grass. Its is bred to be cold, drought, and disease resistant which makes it work especially well in our eclectic Maryland weather. It also requires much less fertilizer and mowing when compared to Kentucky Bluegrass or Tall Fescue.

Zoysia sod is great for those looking for an alternative to more maintenance intensive lawn grasses. Some benefits of Zenith® Zoysia include:

  • Reduced weed chemical requirement
  • Quick self-repair of damaged areas
  • Great drought tolerance once established
  • Great wear tolerance
  • Superior cold tolerance compared to other Zoysias

Note: Zoysiagrass is a warm season grass, and turns completely brown after the first frost in the fall and will turn lush green again once weather warms in March or April

tall fescue sod at a townhome in Baltimore City

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